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Why Choose Ostrom Law Office

WE ARE EXPERIENCED. The Ostrom Law Office team is experienced, having worked 20 years exclusively in the area of immigration law.

WE HAVE BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE. In addition to experience at law firms, the founding member has worked in-house at an IT consulting company, providing client insights on some of the common questions and administrative challenges of immigration law within organizations.

WE ARE ENTREPRENEURS. Like many of you, we are entrepreneurs. We understand, firsthand, why our business clients — and their owners — need timely, focused and cost-effective solutions.

WE RESPECT REFERRING ATTORNEY CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS. We practice exclusively in the area of immigration law, and we appreciate client referrals from attorneys in other areas of the law. We will confine our representation to the immigration aspect of a case or client relationship.

WE GRASP THE IMMIGRATION LAW PICTURE FROM ALL ANGLES. Our firm handles both business and family-based immigration cases including waivers, evaluating and assessing the best way forward, given our clients’ circumstances and objectives.

WE HAVE FIXED FEES. The firm operates on a fixed or flat fee basis, so you will know the costs of legal representation from the beginning.

WE ARE RESPONSIVE. We are committed to responding to clients with effective and timely communication and representation.

We invite you to get to know more about us, our primary practice areas within immigration, and what our clients have to say about working with us. You can also read about some of our representative clients and our approach to referrals from other attorneys. We look forward to discussing the options for your particular situation.

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